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Sherrida Crawford crawford at
Thu Sep 14 17:03:44 EDT 1995

I am experiencing the same problem with PCTCP, and I too would like to 
know what configuration settings could be changed to avoid having to 
minimize Netscape to reach the telnet session?   

Also, is there anyway to configure Netscape so that links are not 
followed, or expire within minutes?  We forsee many questions about why 
there is text in a different color and have some concerns about 

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On Fri, 8 Sep 1995, Web4Lib Moderator wrote:

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> Subject: Telnet client for Netscape
> I am in the process of evaluating different freeware/shareware telnet 
> clients for Netscape.  We plan to install 4 web browsers in our library 
> and would like a "no-fuss, no-muss" telnet client.  I have tried WinQVT, 
> WinTel, EWAN, and Telw.  WinTel always gives a GPF (at least on this 
> 386sx) so I dropped it.  Some of the telnet clients worked ok when the 
> url had the port included ("telnet://") while 
> others would not work unless the port was dropped.  So far EWAN comes the 
> closest to what I want but.... when the url includes the login 
> (telnet://") the telnet session starts 
> but then Netscape becomes the active screen with the little box "Login as 
> library".  Once you close the little box you see the Netscape screen -- 
> it seems that the telnet session should be the active screen.  The user 
> must minimize netscape to use the telnet session.  Once the telnet 
> session is closed netscape is still minimized.  
> Is the a problem with the configuration of Netscape and/or Ewan?  I am 
> using ver. 1.052 of EWAN and ver 1.2b5 of Netscape  and Windows 3.1
> Thanks!
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