AusWeb96-2nd Australian Web Conference, Update 11/95

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     AusWeb96 - The Premier Australian World Wide Web Conference in 1996
     AusWeb96 - The Premier Australian World Wide Web Conference in 1996

                      Update for November 1995

AusWeb96 is the Second Australian World Wide Web conference which is
organised by Southern Cross University. It will be held from 7 to 9 July
1996 at the Conrad  Jupiters hotel on Queensland's Gold Coast.

AusWeb96 is designed to be inclusive of the major developments of the World
Wide Web and is being built around four major theme areas, each with its own
theme editor(s):

o   Business Opportunities              o   Education and Learning
o   Technical Futures                   o   Media, Cultural and Community

In this update, we bring you news of keynote speakers and of the many workshops
to be held at AusWeb96 as well as reminders of closing dates for papers and
posters. Go to the AusWeb96 home page <> for more
information on all these issues.

We are happy to announce the following keynote speakers who will be speaking at

*   Bill Arms, Corporation for National Research Initiatives, Washington, DC
    "Information provision, digital libraries and the World Wide Web"

*   Nick Arnett, Verity, Inc., Mountain View, California
    "Massively Parallel Wetware"

*   Evan Arthur, Department of Education, Employment and Training, Canberra
    "The Education Network Australia Initiative"

*   Hermann Maurer, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria
    "On Second Generation WWW Systems"

*   Jim Miller, W3 Consortium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    "The World Wide Web Consortium: Helping the Web Move Forward"

*   Nancy Rhines, America OnLine and Founder, Women's Wire
    "Building Communities of Women on the Web"

*   Arie Segev, Director, Fisher Center for Information Management, UC Berkeley
    "The World Wide Web and the future of Electronic Commerce"

A full range of workshops will be held prior to AusWeb96. here are those which
have been confirmed:

o Copyright and the Web
  Michael Lean, copyright officer at QUT will run this half day workshop

o K12 Education and the Web
  Bill Taylor from Somerset College on the Gold Coast will host this workshop
  for K12 teachers and administrators

o Using Hypertext Methods in Web Authoring
  Bebo White from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at Stanford University
  will run this workshop which draws on hypertext research and experience

o Advanced Web Site Management
  Hermann Maurer from Graz University will run this workshop on Hyper-G

o Interfacing Databases and the Web
  Adrian Vanyzl will run this workshop on the interfacing of small and large
  databases and the Web

o The Web, Enterprise and Regional Development
  The Centre for Australian Regional and Enterprise Development at SCU will host
  this workshop on the implications of the Web for regional development

o Building Interaction into Your Library, Museum or Art Gallery Site
  Katy Bellingham from the National Library of Australia will lead this
  interactive workshop

o Higher Education Staff Development Seminar
  Martin Hayden from SCU will host this post-conference one day seminar on
  the Web and higher education.

Our friends at Bond University will be running all the hands on workshops at
AusWeb96. Planned hands on workshops are:

o Advanced Netscape Browsing with 2.0
o Web Page Publishing in HTML
o CGI programming in Perl
o Overview of Java Programming
o Advanced Java Programming

The following dates will be used for the submission of papers to AusWeb96:

        1 March  1996 Full papers or extended abstracts

        1 April  1996  Decision on papers emailed

        1 May  1996 Full papers submitted electronically

        1 May  1996 Poster proposals due

        15 May 1996  Decision on posters emailed

        1 June 1996  Full papers and posters released on the Web

        1 July  1996 Conference proceedings published on paper

        1 August  1996 Conference proceedings published on CD-ROM along
with the
        Virtual Edition and Virtual Exhibition

The AusWeb96 home page with full details on the conference and venue and
including a pointer to the registration of interests form, is at:

Or register your interests directly at the AusWeb96 registration form at:

Or check out the papers and Virtual Edition of AusWeb95 at:

The joint organisers for AusWeb96 at Southern Cross are Allan Ellis
(aellis at and Roger Debreceny (rdebrece at Allan's
phone number is +61 66 20 3611. Roger is on study leave at the Haas School of
Business at the University of California at Berkeley from June 1995 to
May 1996 and is at +1 510 526 7218 or by email at <rdebrece at>.

The conference manager for AusWeb96 is Norsearch Conference Services. The
conference manager is Ms Julie Burton. Julie has conference brochures printed
for AusWeb96 - email her to have some sent to you.

Julie's contact details are:

Email: jburton at
Mail:  AusWeb96, Norsearch Limited, PO Box 157, Lismore, NSW 2480, Australia
Phone  +61 66 203000 Fax +61 66 221954.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Gold Coast in July '96!!

Roger Debreceny
on behalf of Allan Ellis and Julie Burton

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