8-bit clean telnet f. DOS/WINDOWS

Thomas Hahn HAHN at gw.sino.uni-heidelberg.de
Sat Nov 25 18:35:45 EST 1995

Dear colleagues,

as librarian of the Institute for Chinese Studies at Heidelberg 
Univ. I would like to open up our databases (bibliographic and 
fulltext) to the outside world. In order to access these 
databases, however, clients have to have a locally 
installed version of telnet that provides the toggle "strip high 
bit yes/no"; if set to "no" Chinese and Japanese (or any 
other "fancy" script) will be displayed properly (provided a 
local front-end vernacular C/J/K-script processor has been 
We do have an old version of C-NCSA (developed in Taiwan back in 
1992), but I am looking for newer software, both for DOS and for 

Is there somebody "out there" who can give me an ftp address for 
such pieces of software? I would be most grateful. 

BTW: the databases are held on a SUN Sparc10 server at the 

greetings from foggy Heidelberg

Thomas H. Hahn
Librarian, network admin etc.

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