Web service for library staff only

Steve Ryan s.ryan at library.usyd.edu.au
Wed Nov 1 17:46:53 EST 1995

>1) Does your library maintain a Web service with a staff-only focus,
>and, if so, what is its URL?
We are seriously looking at this. It has been recommended.
>2) Has your library written a thesaurus (for controlled vocabulary
>subject searching) for use with your staff-only Web service, and, if
>so, would you be willing to send me a copy?
Not yet

My question is:
Do you run the staff web on the same machine as the library web?
What machine do you run your webs on?
>Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.  /Cathy
>Catherine M. Thomas
>User Services Librarian, Columbia University Libraries
>Email   thomas at columbia.edu
>WWW     http://www.cc.columbia.edu/~thomas/index.html
>Phone   (212) 854-8355
>201 Butler Library
>Columbia University
>New York, NY 10027

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