Using database software to create HTML documents--(And how...)

Robert MacKimmie rm at
Fri Nov 3 17:28:11 EST 1995

I agree with Andrzej Kowalski:
>"I find it somewhat high-handed, if not offensive, for someone to  
>suggest that their product is the "needed" "
regarding Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Eric Rumsey wrote:
>>>... Come on people, get with the 

>>>future.  MOREplus is the needed technology and it is high time you  
>>>all take a serious look at its functionality.   

What Mr. Rumsey might want to realize is that the product which he  
mentioned is only one of many that are due to change the static  
nature of the web into a rather effective, dynamically driven  
information construction toolkit. The computer platform which I use  
will be delivering such capability in the first quarter of next year,  
it is based on "object-oriented" computer programming and promises a  
kit for dynamic web server construction that should be killer. But  
I'm not going to bore this list with hyperbole.

Let's face it, the Web is a baby. It seems to be the information  
access paradigm that has kicked the doors down. Now all we have to do  
is help it evolve and allow it to become useful. But as Andrzej says,  
let's knock off the useless crowing and continue to be informed about  
the technology innovations as they evolve. Generally, those are  
standardized methods, not individual products.

Three cheers for open-standards. Three boos for proprietary  

Robert MacKimmie
San Francisco
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