[Web4lib] CALEA policies?

Sigrid Kelsey sigridkelsey at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 10:06:25 EDT 2011

Our IT department has informed us that CALEA requires us to ask to see (and
presumably record names from) our patrons' IDs in order to use our publicly
accessible computers.

I would like to know what other libraries are doing in order to comply
with, or remain exempt from complying with CALEA.  I'm especially
interested in any library who has had legal advice from an attorney
regarding this, and any official policies.  We've not been doing this since
CALEA was passed, but now IT wants to enforce it.

We are a tax-funded state university library.  IT owns the approximately 15
"public" computers, but the only reason they provide the public computers
in the library is because we ask them to as a publicly funded and
depository library.  The rest of our more than 250 computers (also owned by
IT and not the library) require the students to log in with their own
school id number and so the users are logged that way.

thank you,
Sigrid Kelsey

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