[Web4lib] Enhanced "e-book" service?!

Anders Ericson anders.ericson at norskbibliotekforening.no
Mon Oct 11 10:41:46 EDT 2010

No, I intended to ask whether any libraries do this to their
collections? Or don't opacs allow imbedded buttons like "search within
this book"? I don't know, I'm just a journalist.


2010/10/11 Peter Murray <peter.murray at lyrasis.org>:
> On Oct 10, 2010, at 4:52 PM, Anders Ericson wrote:
>> Any libraries into this?
>> http://youtu.be/Q95ywcuGuTM
> The video is a demonstration of how to use a USB barcode reader to scan ISBN barcodes on the back of books to add them to "My Library" in Google Books.
> Is your question whether any libraries are allowing patrons to build a "My Library" list or whether libraries are offering barcode readers to patrons to try this functionality?
> To answer the former, I'm not aware of any libraries that are offering this kind of functionality.  Scanning ISBNs to build up a list of books is a feature offered by LibraryThing and (I think) Goodreads.
> To answer the latter, I'm also not aware of any libraries that are lending out barcode scanners, but it would be a pretty simple thing to do.  As the video mentioned, a USB barcode reader looks just like a keyboard to the computer, so you don't need special applications or drivers to use one.
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