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In response to my own message, I jumped the gun on that. That app is for  
audiobooks, rather then regular e-books, so I apologize for my error. 
However,  this accurate link states that OverDrive IS in the process of developing 
an  e-book reading App, as of last May. They gave a preview of said App at 
BookExpo  back in May, and the article says it will be available for Android 
first, then  the Apple and other devices. 
So, it seems that one is in the process of being created, it simply hasn't  
been released yet. 
Again, sorry for jumping the gun with the wrong article earlier!
- Barron Angell
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Hello everyone,

I am a library  student in a library technology class.  One of the papers I
did this  semester was on how e-readers might change the library  automation
marketplace. As I was doing my research, I discovered that 1.) a  lot of
libraries are lending e-books through overdrive or lending actual  
and 2.) e-books from overdrive do not work on the  IPad.

There have been a few stories about this on NPR as  well.

It's all a little disappointing because I have an IPad that I  don't know if
I will ever be able to borrow library books for.  My  question to the group
is twofold-- are any libraries currently  experimenting with the iPad, 
as a in house staff device, or lending  it to patrons like some libraries
have done with the kindle.  2.) is  there anything in the works about an app
that will get library e-books onto  the IPad?

Melanie Kelly

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