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We had trouble with our old VPN here at Tufts because of the way IP addresses were assigned.  When connecting to the VPN, an IP was assigned dynamically within our campus IP range.  When a user tried to access library resources, EZProxy saw an on-campus IP and passed the user through without authenticating. However, resources still saw the user as coming from an off-campus IP - which I believe was the user's router IP.  We had to tell people not to use the VPN while accessing library resources which wasn't very popular.  

We recently moved to a new VPN (Juniper Networks - web and client) but still had the same issue.  After talking to our campus IT folks I found out that they have it set up so that all VPN IP addresses are assigned on a particular subnet.  This allowed us to add the address to our EZProxy config file using the IncludeIP statement.  Now, all users who use the VPN while accessing library resources have to authenticate as if they were off-campus but this has alleviated the issue we were having.


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Hey everyone - my library is investigating using SSL, client-based VPN as a replacement for our installation of EZproxy. After much research, I have noticed that, apparently, some resources do not work with VPN, specifically those that involve heavy streaming media e.g., videos and audio - so, for instance, that would interfere with our delivery of say, Naxos. 

Can the web4lib community speak to these specific VPN issues, or comment on problems they have encountered while adding and configuring VPNs (web based and SSL client based).

Any comments would be appreciated.


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