[Web4lib] Margin/spacing issue in stylesheet

Thomas Dowling tdowling at ohiolink.edu
Thu Feb 19 16:06:50 EST 2009

A good diagnostic exercise is to take copies of the two pages and start
paring them down to the simplest versions that still show the
difference.  That will make the coding difference easier to spot.

But I have to say, I don't see any spacing differences in Firefox 3.0,
Firefox 3.1b2, and IE8 RC1.

Thomas Dowling
tdowling at ohiolink.edu

On 02/19/2009 03:08 PM, joanne parra wrote:
> Hi all - 
> I'm appealing to the collection wisdom for what I'm sure will be an easy
> fix...
> I'm revising the library's website to include our new logo, which is a
> .gif. I made the changes on the homepage without any glitches, but when I
> change it for the internal pages, there is extra space appearing around
> the image. 
> The coding in the CSS is identical for that section of the page, so I
> can't figure out why it won't display correctly. In an odd turn of events,
> it's working in IE but not in Firefox...
> Here is the code for the pages:
> Home page: http://www.moorestown.lib.nj.us/default_revised.html
> CSS: http://www.moorestown.lib.nj.us/newstyles2.css
> Sample internal page:
> http://www.moorestown.lib.nj.us/adultnewreader_revised.html
> CSS: http://www.moorestown.lib.nj.us/internal_styles_revised.css
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Joanne Parra
> Senior Reference Librarian
> Moorestown Library
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