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I suggest you promote and track a hashtag, such as:
#aksl  <-- that's pretty unique right there :)

Rather than following a whole bunch of people, you would track comments on the hashtag and respond @user and include #aksl in the reply.  This would be a public way of tracking issues, questions, etc. and give people a way to zip you a question and for you to provide short, quick support.  Kind of like what Comcast and other companies are doing these days.


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Hi All,

Our library recently established a Twitter account at
twitter.com/akstatelibrary. I'm a sort of do it first, ask questions
later kind of guy, so I'm asking now what I should have asked before:

If your library has a Twitter account, do you have criteria about who
you will follow? Any non-spammer? Only other institutions? No one at
all? Why do you what you do?

Our main purpose in having a Twitter account is to have a user-friendly
funnel for our RSS feeds and to have the ability to broadcast last
minute webinars and new resources in a way that doesn't clutter people's
e-mail boxes.

Thanks in advance for any advice. - Daniel


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