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Thanks for the help and response! Here is a summing up of what I have learned

1) The original discussion goes back to 1995 and the announcement that
the California State University Monterey Bay would be built without a
physical library. The plans were commented in Newsweek and lambasted
by Cliff Stoll, and the CSUMB learned the error of their ways. The
library was built and a new library buidling is to open on December
1st this year. Congratulations to them! See http://library.csumb.edu/.

Two other project have been mentioned: University of Minnesota
Rochester, http://www.r.umn.edu/01_about.htm, looks like a small
university and with no physical library. The Kingsport Center for
Higher Education, http://www.timesnews.net/article.php?id=9005970, is
under constructiion and will not have a library. Opens in 2009. Let us
see how long they last.

Again thanks! If I have missed anything, please say so.


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