[Web4lib] Discussions on Web4Lib and the state of of the list.

Bill Drew dreww at tc3.edu
Wed Dec 19 13:45:41 EST 2007

I am now ashamed that I did not speak up the last couple of days in
support of Karen and Dorothea and in support of the scholarships being
offered at Code4lib.  I am amazed at the testosterone flowing here the
last few days.  I am ashamed of the reactions voiced by many librarians
of the male sex on this forum.  As one of the first subscribers to
Web4Lib,  I have seen it evolve from the open, loose, and always
informative discussion to something I am wondering is of any more value.
 It would be a shame to see it die.  Maybe it is suffering from a bit of
old age and loss of focus.

Bill Drew
dreww at tc3.edu

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