[Web4lib] Code4lib 2008 Minority Scholarship

arhyno at uwindsor.ca arhyno at uwindsor.ca
Tue Dec 18 10:04:38 EST 2007

>You know, I just don't get this.  How can anyone think that these
>kinds of awards can do anything to counter racism or sexism?  What
>would we think of an award for which only white people were available,
>or only men?  Why would reverse discrimination be any better?  It's
>patronising at best and actively divisive at worst.

I went through some hoops in 2002 to try to bring someone from an AIDS 
clinic in South Africa to a library conference in North America under a 
government program to support diversity, and I remember well from my 
limited amount of research that the evidence was overwhelming that these 
kind of scholarships are beneficial.  The particular program I targeted 
required a lead time of one year, had never actually been awarded, and I 
was ultimately unsuccessful. I think Oregon State University should be 
applauded for offering an option that is both low barrier for applications 
and is as agile as the code4lib conference itself. 

Art Rhyno
Systems Librarian
University of Windsor Libraries

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