[Web4lib] Questions regarding internet filtering

Houghton-Jan, Sarah sarah.houghton-jan at sjlibrary.org
Tue Dec 11 20:00:20 EST 2007

We are looking to hear from people who have had experiences, positive or
negative, with filtering products at your library.  We are most focused on
the IT impact (network, speed, equipment, and infrastructure effects),
impact on staff time and morale, and the overall success of the filter (does
it catch things it shouldn't, let things through it shouldn't, etc.).  In
addition, are users willing to ask for a site to be unblocked for them (if
you allow site-by-site unblocking) and how does that process work?   
We are looking for both anecdotal and statistical evidence, so whatever you
have to share has great value to us.
Thank you!
Sarah Houghton-Jan, MA, MLIS
Senior Librarian for Digital Futures
San José Public Library 
150 East San Fernando Street, Rm. 4049
San José, CA, 95112-3580
Voice: 408-808-2369
Email: sarah.houghton-jan at sjlibrary.org
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