[Web4lib] scheduling software

McHale, Nina nina.mchale at cudenver.edu
Mon Dec 10 18:54:56 EST 2007

Hey, what are you all using for room scheduling software? Something
home-grown? Purchased? Outlook?
We're looking for a (preferably hosted) solution that will allow us--and
our patrons, in the case of group study rooms and IL classes--to book
the multitude of conference, classroom, and group study spaces within
the library.
We currently have a homegrown PHP/MySQL application that we've outgrown.
Its function was specifically for faculty to schedule our IL classroom
as well as a person to teach. Having that function--to book a person,
too--is highly desireable. We recently added another classroom space,
and the issue of how to schedule it brought up the issue of how we
schedule everything else--which is in paper calendars and obviously less
than desirable.
Respond to me, and I'll summarize for anyone else looking for such a

Nina McHale, MA/MSLS
Assistant Professor, Web Librarian
Auraria Library

Serving the University of Colorado Denver,
Metropolitan State College of Denver,
and the Community College of Denver

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