[Web4lib] Need efficient way to post "library closing" message

Kathy Gaynor kgaynor at webster.edu
Thu Nov 30 12:05:29 EST 2006

In the past, we have added a message to the top of selected pages on our web
site to inform our users of the library's closure over the winter holidays.
For example, we would add a message to our home page, main database page,
our request forms, "Ask a Librarian" email reference form, etc. There are
probably about 18 pages that were involved.  We thought that we should add
this message to more than just our home page as users may take various
routes to get to a specific page.

I'm wondering if there are other more efficient ways to handle this other
than manually adding the message to each page and deleting it after we come
back to school in January.  We recently revised our web site to be XHTML
compliant and to use style sheets.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.  Our web site is at

Kathy M. Gaynor
Reference Librarian
Emerson Library/Webster University
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119
(314) 961-2660 x7811
kgaynor at webster.edu 

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