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I am forwarding and posting this message because it deserves the widest
dissemination. This is a great opportunity for LIS students and LIS
faculty as well as the rest of us to publish in an Open-Access peer
reviewed publication.  -- Bill Drew

The November Issue of Library Student Journal is now available at
http://www.librarystudentjournal.com - contents below.

We encourage submissions from LIS faculty, practitioners, and students
on any topic of current relevance to LIS students.  Please feel free to
forward this to appropriate listservs and discussion boards.

         L I B R A R Y   S T U D E N T   J O U R N A L

                          ISSN 1931-6100

  An international peer-reviewed Open Access publication of the
University at Buffalo Department of Library and Information Studies

          Online at http://www.librarystudentjournal.com

CONTENTS             Issue 2, November 2006

Eli Guinnee
A field for all: letter from the editor, November, 2006

Louise Cooke
Do we want a perfectly filtered world?

Ann Dixon
Poetry in children's literature: development of a genre

Mary Francis
Interview to interaction: towards a terminology of equality in reference

Leah Larson
A cataloging carol

Allyson Mower
Developing an Institutional Repository:
an insider's look at the University of Utah IR

Carrie Netzer Wajda
Selection, deaccessioning, and the public image of information

Iva Seto
Organization of Knowledge and the Hyperlink: Eco's The Name of the Rose
and Borges' The Library of Babel

Eric Brust
Administration of the Public Library (review)

Deborah Hicks
The Librarian's Career Guidebook (review)



Eli Guinnee, Editor

email: lis-lsj at buffalo.edu
LSJ: http://www.librarystudentjournal.com
LSJ Editors' Blog: http://librarystudentjournal.blogspot.com/

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