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Mark Jordan mjordan at sfu.ca
Wed Nov 29 12:24:33 EST 2006

Hi Mike,

I'll respond off list. Sorry to invoke horror,


Mike Taylor wrote:
> Dear Web4Libbers,
> At Index Data, we have been wanting for some time to play with OpenURL
> resolvers and related technology.  Very suddenly, an opportunity has
> come up for us to demo our technology to a potential partner, but in
> order to make this fly we need to use the CUFTS resource database.  To
> my horror, when I went to download this from
> 	http://cufts.lib.sfu.ca/downloads.shtml
> I read:
> 	CUFTS version 1.00 Release Candidate 3: download
> 	Note: We have removed the global database from the
> 	CUFTS release due to some license concerns. You can
> 	still download cufts and upload your own title lists
> 	to get things working while we resolve our
> 	issues. Hopefully we will have the global resource
> 	data available under a different license soon.
> Given our very short timescales, the "soon" mentioned here is not
> likely to be much use to us.  I wonder whether anyone on this list has
> downloaded the database (probably as part of a pre-RC3 release of the
> main CUFTS package) and would be prepared to send me a copy?  It would
> be very much appreciated.
> Thanks,
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