[Web4lib] CUFTS Database

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Wed Nov 29 09:30:52 EST 2006

Dear Web4Libbers,

At Index Data, we have been wanting for some time to play with OpenURL
resolvers and related technology.  Very suddenly, an opportunity has
come up for us to demo our technology to a potential partner, but in
order to make this fly we need to use the CUFTS resource database.  To
my horror, when I went to download this from
I read:

	CUFTS version 1.00 Release Candidate 3: download

	Note: We have removed the global database from the
	CUFTS release due to some license concerns. You can
	still download cufts and upload your own title lists
	to get things working while we resolve our
	issues. Hopefully we will have the global resource
	data available under a different license soon.

Given our very short timescales, the "soon" mentioned here is not
likely to be much use to us.  I wonder whether anyone on this list has
downloaded the database (probably as part of a pre-RC3 release of the
main CUFTS package) and would be prepared to send me a copy?  It would
be very much appreciated.


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