[Web4lib] Lack of discussion of Google CSE and Libraries

Drew, Bill drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU
Thu Nov 9 09:55:19 EST 2006

You are missing one major point.  It does not take a programmer to do
anything with it.  The Google API and other APIs really require
programming skills.  To me it is the biggest thing since sliced bread
because it goes back to one of our basic functions as librarians,
collection development and selection of resources.  I wish it did go
further in going into the Invisible Web that is buried in our databases.
I t could potentially serve as our federated search engine if it did. 
The front line librarian who knows how to do searches and understands
Boolean logic can use the CSE to create great tools for our users.  I
think that is meaningful and significant!

Bill Drew
drewwe at morrisville.edu
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The problem with Google CSE, as I see it, is that there doesn't seem
to be an API for it (is there and I'm missing it?).

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