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John Creech John.Creech at cwu.EDU
Wed Nov 1 13:38:36 EST 2006

Thomas, thank you very much for responding.  We are moving toward bringing 
up a zope/plone test server to see if that would fit our CMS needs so this 
fits in nicely.  I will check out all of these sites.

John Creech, Systems Librarian
Brooks Library, Central Washington University

On Wed, 1 Nov 2006, Thomas Bennett wrote:

> Win,Lin, or Mac.  
> I haven't used any of these but they look like good candidates.
> Last update looks like 06/2004 but it looks pretty full featured
> http://www.zope.org/Members/gittew/MyMediaManager
> See the descriptive article on MyMediaManager
> http://www.zopemag.com/Issue004/Section_Articles/article_MyMediaManager.html
> Looks like they are having a problem with their own WEB site right now though:
> "You have contacted www.mmmanager.org. Due to technical problems with the 
> internet connection the service is currently down.  We expect to be back 
> online very shortly."
> Looks like security/access would be per the built in Zope security.
> There is also Plone4Artists Site product, see:
> http://www.plone4artists.org/products
> At that site is also, Plone4ArtistsPortfolio providing posdcasting, RSS feeds 
> and drag-ndrop addition of content and page layout.  They suggets P4AP for 
> Artists and bands to create a portfolio of themselves but as with any 
> solution I take their descriptions and then say "how else can I use this?".
> Currently only the site, calendar, and audio products have been released and 
> as Alpha, the others are in experimental state but work is current with 
> updates on the site as recent as 10/22/06.
> You may want to look at other available products for Zope and Plone at 
> http://www.zope.org/
> and
> http://www.plone.org
> Thomas
> On Tuesday 31 October 2006 19:09, John Creech wrote:
> > Hi.  I got a number of good ideas from the recent "Where to invest in
> > music collection" thread but am wondering if anyone could could speak to
> > some technical questions and processes.
> >
> > On the top floor of our library we have a music collection that consists
> > of ref materials, sheet music, LPs and CDs, mostly.  We have capital money
> > for physical remodeling as well as money for hardware and server-based
> > software apps to offer digital music to our patrons.  We are basically
> > aware of the status of online subscription services but some on my campus
> > are expressing a keen urge for us to store and serve audio files.
> >
> > I and my staff of 3 manage all of our servers, desktops, and apps here in
> > the building.  My colleagues have asked me to explore hardware/software
> > solutions for offering online digital audio class reserves.  Whatever
> > solution we ever went with would likely be unix/linux or Mac Servers -
> > otherwise they'd have to reside in the campus computing DMZ.
> >
> >  Would anyone be willing to share any info on how they've proceeded, what
> > worked and what didn't, listservs to read, reviews, whatever?  Open source
> > solutions are always welcome.  We have to do a major remodel of our comm
> > room in the building before we proceed with any implementation so we're
> > probably six to twelve months out.
> >
> > Thanks very much for any suggestions.
> >
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