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Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Wed Nov 1 09:24:32 EST 2006

Win,Lin, or Mac.  

I haven't used any of these but they look like good candidates.

Last update looks like 06/2004 but it looks pretty full featured
See the descriptive article on MyMediaManager
Looks like they are having a problem with their own WEB site right now though:
"You have contacted www.mmmanager.org. Due to technical problems with the 
internet connection the service is currently down.  We expect to be back 
online very shortly."
Looks like security/access would be per the built in Zope security.

There is also Plone4Artists Site product, see:
At that site is also, Plone4ArtistsPortfolio providing posdcasting, RSS feeds 
and drag-ndrop addition of content and page layout.  They suggets P4AP for 
Artists and bands to create a portfolio of themselves but as with any 
solution I take their descriptions and then say "how else can I use this?".
Currently only the site, calendar, and audio products have been released and 
as Alpha, the others are in experimental state but work is current with 
updates on the site as recent as 10/22/06.

You may want to look at other available products for Zope and Plone at 


On Tuesday 31 October 2006 19:09, John Creech wrote:
> Hi.  I got a number of good ideas from the recent "Where to invest in
> music collection" thread but am wondering if anyone could could speak to
> some technical questions and processes.
> On the top floor of our library we have a music collection that consists
> of ref materials, sheet music, LPs and CDs, mostly.  We have capital money
> for physical remodeling as well as money for hardware and server-based
> software apps to offer digital music to our patrons.  We are basically
> aware of the status of online subscription services but some on my campus
> are expressing a keen urge for us to store and serve audio files.
> I and my staff of 3 manage all of our servers, desktops, and apps here in
> the building.  My colleagues have asked me to explore hardware/software
> solutions for offering online digital audio class reserves.  Whatever
> solution we ever went with would likely be unix/linux or Mac Servers -
> otherwise they'd have to reside in the campus computing DMZ.
>  Would anyone be willing to share any info on how they've proceeded, what
> worked and what didn't, listservs to read, reviews, whatever?  Open source
> solutions are always welcome.  We have to do a major remodel of our comm
> room in the building before we proceed with any implementation so we're
> probably six to twelve months out.
> Thanks very much for any suggestions.
> John Creech, Systems Librarian
> Brooks Library, Central Washington University
> 400 E. University Way | Ellensburg, WA 98926
> office - 509.963.1081
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