[Web4lib] Libraries, Public Access, and CALEA

Susan E. Edwards seedwards at amherst.edu
Thu Jul 27 09:57:17 EDT 2006

I am very concerned that if we follow the CALEA guidelines below, we
will be forced to deny the public access to essential information,
including government information, only available online.  Further, as a
Federal Depository Library, we will not be able to meet our requirement
(below) to serve the public.  Can you please share how your institution
is handling this (whether or not part of the FDLP)?  I will summarize
and post to the list.


"Thus, campus networks that offer Internet connectivity but are made
available only to students, faculty, and administrators - and that
exclude the public at large, for example by requiring university ID
cards to gain access to networked terminals and by requiring password
authentication on wireless networks, among other measures - almost
certainly would be considered private". (The Application of CALEA to
Higher Education Networks,


"Depository libraries must have computer equipment sufficient to allow
timely and equitable public access to Government electronic information
products and should allow printing or downloading information selected
by the user." (2005 Minimum Technical Requirements for Public Access
Workstations (including Internet connectivity) in Federal Depository
Libraries, http://www.gpo.gov/su_docs/fdlp/computers/mtr.html)






Susan Edwards

Internet/Documents Librarian

Amherst College Library

seedwards at amherst.edu





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