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Thingvall, Nils Thingvall.Nils at ocls.info
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Flash accessibility is pretty easy to do if your content is decorative
only. You can use the Accessibility panel in Flash to make it hide the
entire movie from screen readers (Jaws and Windoweyes) and other
assistive technologies. If it contains information the user needs, then
you could provide the text equivalents as well. Getting in depth Flash
accessibility can be a bear, but it is doable if the Flash is
constructed right. Accessibility is available for Flash Player 6.65 and
higher, so if that is within your target tech specifications, I'd say
you can keep the Flash if you need it.

By using the Flash Object javascript method
(http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/) you can have (somewhat) valid
html that will validate, bypass Active X problems and easily provide
alternate content if people don't have flash. You'll still need the
noscript, though.

Also, in reference to your list problem, try making the LI tags inside
the UL have a display property of inline in your CSS if you haven't

Nils Thingvall
Digital Access Architect

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That flash item doesn't seem to have any interactivity (at least for me)
and so could easily be replaced by an animated GIF, with fewer
accessibility issues (assuming alt text is in place).

On the links with ampersands, they need to be rewritten slightly, e.g.:
instead of
to pass validation. But it does look like ContentDM has a nasty bug with
those URLs -- that should be taken up with the vendor, as they are not
handling valid URLs correctly...

Kevin Broun
Senior Web Developer
National Cancer Institute
kbroun at nih.gov

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Dear Tyson et al:

Thank you for taking a look!  Unfortunately the invalidities I am not
can be remedied.  We have a small Flash item (eep!) that has a
alternative for users without JavaScript which contains an unbelievable
amount of nasty code.  I am sure a healthier solution to writing that
media code exists though (I believe using an <object> element), I will
into it.

The other invalidities deal with hyperlinks into CONTENTdm that require
ampersands.  Does anyone know if it is possible to write a database
hyperlink that requires ampersands that does not render a Web page


In peace,

Amy M Ostrom
Web Interface Designer
amostrom at gmail.com
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