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In only 3 minutes by means of Rollyo I invented a combined "Scandinavian

This is of course not equivalent to Wikipedia's "Go" search = Go to The
Article, but rather to Wikipedia's "Search" option. It's in fact a Yahoo
search (Yahoo is "behind" Rollyo) for word occurrences in the selected
nations' Wikipedia articles. But nevertheless useful for our altogether 20
million people in the Scandinavian countries, and even a lot of people in
Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands who more or less
understand the 3 Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish). 

Perhaps there are more Wikipedia options that we never thought of?


Anders Ericson

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Hi all,

I've set up a Rollyo about library 2.0:

Some months ago, I also tried a similar tool - Swiki:

(again about "Library 2.0", but in Italian version: "Biblioteca 2.0").

I've noticed that Swiki has more commercial ads than Rollyo - furthermore
Rollyo gives explicitly communication of advertisements by the "sponsored
links". However, with Swiki you have much power on search engine's layout
and you can block trash tag/websites displayed within the results, building
you own search patterns.

The Rollyo 25 websites are a big limit, and I'd like to try the Gigablast
mentioned by Patricia Anderson. I think these customizable search engines
can help in library activities: I suggested to colleagues of mine to use
them in reference with patrons, setting them up on pre-determined topics.

Best regards,


Bonaria Biancu
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2006/7/21, Anders Ericson <anders.ericson at>:
> Anybody into Rollyo (make-your-own-search-engines) for library purposes?
> Their internal search is down today, but I can't find very much by means
> of
> Google site search either.
> I've just tried to get along with this on a national level and made myself
> a
> blog to administer things; I'm sorry, in Norwegian only:
> Here are my 3 initial rollyos:
> On environment, aviation and Norw. political parties
> Anders Ericson
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