[Web4lib] WEBDAV (fork from " personal online calendar")

Ryan Eby ryaneby at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 16:08:29 EDT 2006

You probably already saw it, but just in case, Apple open-sourced
their calendar server which looks to support both iCal and Sunbird
among others. This would be something you would need to host but is
another option. It's written in python I believe.


I personally use Backpack by 37signals, which includes a calendar on
paying plans, but it is web-based. It's not all on one page but works
fairly well for my needs.


Ryan Eby

On 8/13/06, Mark Gilman <mgilman at dallaslibrary.org> wrote:
> Further to what I just posted, I Googled "sunbird" and "webdav" and see that
> there are now some shared hosting services that support this combination:
> http://www.venuecom.com/Help/help_webDAV_sunbird.htm
> <http://www.venuecom.com/Help/help_webDAV_sunbird.htm>  (Sunbird hosting)
> http://phpicalendar.net/documentation/index.php/Publishing_calendars#WebDAV
> <http://phpicalendar.net/documentation/index.php/Publishing_calendars#WebDAV
> >  (info on WebDav)
> <http://phpicalendar.net/documentation/index.php/Publishing_to_WebDAV_with_M
> ozilla_Sunbird>
> It wonder what's entailed in setting up a WebDav server of one's own.  I'm
> about to rent some VPS (Virtual Private Server) space at
> <http://www.quantact.com/> http://www.quantact.com  so that I can set up a
> test implementation of KOHA www.koha.org <http://www.koha.org>  the open
> source Integrated Library Management product from New Zealand.  The VPS lets
> you choose your distro (in this case, Debian) and I'm wondering if it might
> not be feasible to also run a WebDav process (if that's the right term) for
> sharing SunBird calendars.
> Regards,
> Mark

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