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Keith D. Engwall kengwall at catawba.edu
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Some have requested I post a summary of responses to the list, so bon appetit!

1) Wikis:

MediaWiki had the most recommendations.  I installed MediaWiki, and got it up and running without too much trouble.  The notion of creating a new page by creating a link to the new page really threw me for a loop initially, but once I got past that, it's been rather nice to use.  In just two days, I've added enough content to see *great* potential for its use in the library.

The following Wikis were also recommended:
MoinMoin (requires some work to make it pretty)
Instiki (uses Ruby)
Confluence ($$$ but apparently worth it)

2) Access Control:
Deny all / Allow <subnet> (set up in web server)

3) Calendar:
Not too much on this front. Actually, pickings are relatively slim for a locally hosted web-based calendar, so it seems.  I checked out a few, including WebCalendar (http://www.k5n.us/webcalendar.php) and Plans (http://www.planscalendar.com).  They were fairly similar.  I will probably test-drive them both.

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Dear Web4lib,
After the wonderful Technology Summit in Charlotte last Thursday, I've gotten the go ahead to create an internal Wiki at our library.
1) Can anyone recommend an in-house wiki that is particularly user friendly (and pretty)?  I've looked at a few, but would appreciate hearing from anyone who's actually implemented one.
2) For access control (internal Wiki), how are people handling this?
I'm thinking limiting access in the apache config to a particular subnet, but that may require some wrangling with IT to get our staff machines on their own subnet.
3) One of the things I'd like to provide is a calendar for people to use to post their schedules, vacations, etc.  This is probably a separate piece, but can anyone recommend an in-house product for this?
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