[Web4lib] Drupal on a Windows server?

William Forgette wforgette at linc.lib.il.us
Fri Aug 4 09:51:11 EDT 2006

Yes, we are.

As long as you read the notes at Drupal regarding installing on IIS it
should be absolutely fine.

Additionally, it was NOT a problem to install and configure mysql and php on
the windows 2003/IIS combo like it was with previous versions of windows and

William A. Forgette
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Bloomingdale Public Library
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Are there any libraries who are successfully using Drupal, and all the
associated components, as their CMS on a Windows 2003 IIS 6 server?  A
Windows server in general?  


We're in the beginning stages of totally redesigning our site from the
ground up and want to use Drupal, but have concerns about the server we
currently have access to.  I found installation instructions on the Black
Mountain blog (http://www.blkmtn.org/node/197), but there is much more
documentation on Linux installations.  From scanning the blogs and forums,
it seems that people have had some hiccups with Drupal on Windows, and we're
concerned that we may be painting ourselves into a nasty corner if we choose
to use a Windows server.  


Any feedback or input is helpful.


Sarah Houghton
Information and Web Services Manager

San Mateo County Library


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