[Web4lib] global variables versus local variables

John Fitzgibbon jfitzgibbon at Galwaylibrary.ie
Mon May 23 04:46:34 EDT 2005


When programming and when writing scripts, we are encouraged to use
variables that are local in scope whenever we can.

However, defining a variable within a sub-routine, as in VbScript, means
the variable is defined every time the sub-routine is run whereas
defining it outside the sub-routine means the variable is defined only
once. Why is it more efficient to define a variable within a

Also, defining a variable within a loop causes the variable to be
defined afresh with each instance of the loop. Again this appears
inefficient but is generally done when a 'for loop' is run in

I don't doubt that local variables have their uses; I'm simply seeking
an explanation.


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