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Michael McCulley drweb at san.rr.com
Thu May 19 22:28:42 EDT 2005

I agree with Michael on Adobe PDFs, for some/majority of that type of Web
content. It is proprietary, but it's a searchable and fairly stable and
common format; it should have *some* longevitity (nothing certain there)..
and could be easy to use, train staff to archive documents etc.
OTOH, there's a Firefox extension I was trying out yesterday, and it seems a
possible idea to explore, too. It's called Scrapbook, and you store files,
notes, etc. along with the Web content. I don't know the size limits for it,
but it can be searched, "organized," import/export data, zipped (archived),
and used within other browsers; see the features' lists and FAQ for more
Check it out here.. 
might be a possible application to explore further.

P. Michael McCulley aka DrWeb
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SnagIt is good if you just want the page image, but if you need searchable
text, I'd just use Adobe Acrobat. 
It's surprisingly good at capturing individual or multiple web pages (no
matter how long), and keeps all images, hyperlinks, and text.

-Michael Yunkin
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