Cites & Insights 5:4 available

Walt_Crawford at Walt_Crawford at
Thu Feb 24 10:50:03 EST 2005

Cites & Insights 5:4, March 2004, is now available for downloading at

The 22-page issue is PDF, as usual--and now requires at least Acrobat
Reader 5, since it includes the text-to-speech support and bookmarks
added in Acrobat 6 and 7. Download 7: it's faster than 6.

Taking Seth Finkelstein's suggestion (for tabloid-style marketing) to
heart, here's what's included:

* Did NIH back down to Big STM--or was this a reasonable compromise?
Library Access to Scholarship

* Who gets first-name treatment in C&I?
Bibs & Blather

* You call this a community?
Perspective: The Dangling Conversation

* Does anyone care about multichannel sound or ethics?
Following Up

* Chills, thrills, public-domain flicks
Offtopic Perspective: Family Classics 50 Movie Pack, Part 1

* Is a short story a book--and would you read Moby Dick on a cell phone?
Ebooks, Etext and PoD

Geez, I really suck at coming up with tabloid headlines. This is
probably the first and last attempt at this!

This issue also has a few more test HTML files--the selective form that
may or may not continue. Go to the home page for those selections (which
I'll probably leave available permanently):

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