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Thomas Edelblute TEdelblute at anaheim.net
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Finally found it under USB hub, only mine has four in a row, two and two
like is shown here.  It works great.

Thomas Edelblute
Anaheim Public Library

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For my computer at home, I purchased a PCI card with a connector cable
that puts four USB connectors in one of the floppy drive bays in front
of the computer.  I don't have to use extension cables any more.  

I found it at COMPUSA, but I can't find it on their web site right now.
Maybe I just haven't found the right keywords to search on yet. 

Thomas Edelblute
Anaheim Public Library

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>>> Richard Wiggins <richard.wiggins at gmail.com> 08/16/05 06:03AM >>>
>Somewhat related question: how often do people show up with pocket USB 
>flash drives and expect to plug them in?

We have at least 1-2 per day come in with USB drives of some sort
(flash, thumb).  Our problem is that our somewhat older towers have
their USB ports in the *back*, as you mentioned.  We've bought some
extenders to bring them over the top of the tower, so the patrons don't
have to turn the tower around to plug in--which all too often
disconnects some cable or another.  We're trying them out--they're a bit
flimsy, and could easily be stolen--I'm taping the heck out of them to
attach them to the top of the tower, with a little 'give' at each end
for useability.  I'm hoping this will be a deterrent.  We'll see.

We also have 3-4 machines that are using both of the USB ports for
peripherals--keyboard and mouse.  I've tried to mark these so patrons
don't try to use them for their flash drives.

Frankly, I'd prefer they use a USB drive than a floppy, since we've had
increasing problems with disks going 'floopy' as I term it--our drives
seem to have problems (we've just replaced them all, so I'm hoping this
deals with some of it) and won't read a diskette properly, or will claim
it needs formatting.  A lot of patrons have either lost or simply been
unable to access data as a result.  Very annoying.  Hence the floppy
drive replacement (we can't afford new PC's as a whole, so this is a
stopgap to get us to another fiscal year).  

I've been encouraging patrons who are even remotely savvy to check for
deals at local shops--Staples, CompUSA, etc.--on USB drives.  You can
buy a rather ridiculous amount of storage for like 20 bucks, and I think
it's worth it to them if they're moving from machine to machine.  One of
our IT guys expressed a concern about plugging in a little hard drive,
essentially, to the network, but I think it's a risk we take to offer
better service.

My 2 cents and then some.

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