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Dear Michele

We also do not limit our users to purchasing storage media from us. We do
provide the sale of diskettes, but we have found that more and more of our
users are purchasing flash drives making the exercise of selling diskettes

I am a bit surprised that the restrictions you describe below still exist.
Besides the obvious, what are the reasons behind you being so restrictive? 


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Hi all!  I apologize in advance for any cross-posting.  I am
interested in how other libraries handle outside disks.  Our Computer
Lab does not allow outside disks at all.  We provide disks for a
nominal fee and patrons may keep their disks in the Lab for later use.
 Once a disk is removed, it is not permitted back in the Lab.  In the
event that a patron is caught using an outside disk, they are formally
warned, and on any subsequent occasion, they are banned from the Lab
for 30 days.  My question is this: if a patron is caught using an
outside disk and leaves their disk in the Lab, what are other
libraries doing with the abandoned diskette?

Any thoughts you have would be very appreciated!


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