RSS feed problem; thin clients "jump" instead of refreshing, anyone tried this successfully?

Joan Graham jgraham at
Mon Jul 12 09:45:06 EDT 2004

Using code from, I placed a link to RSS news feeds on the
home page of our site after testing in IE and Netscape. On a PC, the
feeds refreshed every 2 seconds as set by the script. However, our
library staff uses thin clients. On these machines, the entire page
jumps every two seconds, so I had to remove the feeds. Our thin clients
did this before once, when I tried to use a script that sequenced
genealogy photos in a timed sequence, with an applet.

Has anyone used RSS feeds that worked with a thin client, or, does
anyone know where to get a script such as FastBuzz has, that avoids the
"jumping" on the thin client? TIA.

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