[WEB4LIB] Pearl Echo Software

Lori Ayre lbayre at galecia.com
Thu Jul 8 14:40:46 EDT 2004

Pearl Echo is a content MONITOR more than a filter.  It is designed around
the concept of monitoring, in real-time, the activities of Internet users.
You can see the websites people are browsing, what they are typing in emails
and what they are typing in chat sessions.

I believe you have control over how much (and how little) spying you do, but
it is a major aspect of the design which I would argue makes it an
inappropriate choice for a library.  I'd steer clear of any product that
bills itself as an Internet "monitor" instead of a filter.

FYI, my opinions about Pearl Echo are based on the product's website, not my
own use of the product.

Lori Ayre

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Is anyone familiar with the Pearl Echo software used as a filtering option
for public Internet computers? I would really appreciate any feed back on
the software that you have.


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