Relationships in Records Workshop at UCLA

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Thu Jul 8 13:20:04 EDT 2004

Relationships in Records
(A Workshop on Archival Description)
Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
GSE&IS Building, Room111.

All recordkeeping is based on relationships, contextual and otherwise.
Recordkeepers are interested in the meaning of records, not just in
discovery. Columbus discovered A merica, but he didn't know what it
meant. He went to his grave thinking it was the Indies. Relationships
(structure and context) establish meaning. In this workshop, prominent
Australian archivist, Chris Hurley, explores how archival description
addresse s issues of relationships in records.

Workshop Fee (covers workshop materials and refreshments): $25. 

E-mail the Center for Information as Evidence to register. Please note
your name, institution, position title or student , and contact
information. The fee will be collected at the door on the day of the

Please note: Check or cash will be the only acceptable forms of payment.
No credit cards.

cie at

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