Computer denies access to secure sites

Florence Paisey f.paisey at
Wed Jul 21 08:00:49 EDT 2004

Please excuse this if it doesn't relate to the ongoing discussion.

I am currently enrolled in an ARL course and have been given username and
password.  Both are correct and have been tested.  My computer, using IE 6
and Netscape 7.1 (?) will not allow me access to certain secure sites.
Several tech expects have tried and there has been no success. Temp files
are empty, Cookies empty, pop up enabled, security settings on low, but when
I try to access any secure, restricted site using proper username and
password something blocks my entrance and a user denial page comes up.
We've spent 2 days trying to sort out what the issue could be, but there is
absolutely no success.  Does anybody have any idea what could be causing the
computer to block my access.  To my knowledge I have no firewall, and no
sophisticated security program installed.  Any sincere help would be
appreciated. I'm just about ready to take an extreme measure and buy a new
computer; the class is in progress and I can't gain access.  Program
director hasn't been able to help.  Does anyone know what could be causing
the problem.

Florence Paisey
f.paisey at
Librarian, Miami Dade County Public Schools

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