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Anderson,Joe andersoj at oclc.org
Tue Jul 13 15:28:56 EDT 2004

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Do you pride yourself on your expertise in an aspect of public library
practice? Have a network of colleagues who are no dummies themselves? Are
you looking for a place to share what you know (and make a bit of a name for
WebJunction.org, an online community for library staff, seeks community
editors to develop content and resources on key topics of interest to the
library community. Our goal is to transfer responsibility for enhancing and
maintaining the site's growing knowledge base to those who know these topics
Community Editors will: 
- Manage a particular section of the site, with authority to approve or
reject new or updated content and publish approved content to WJ. 
- Draw on their personal networks and their own work to add new resources,
and also solicit the community for contributions.
- Identify gaps in the existing content of a particular section, and find
content to fill those gaps.
In the first phase of this program, five community editor positions are
available; all positions are volunteer. Experts in the following topics are
encouraged to apply:
  Basic Support and Troubleshooting
Policies and Practices
  Managing Public Access Computing
  Marketing Library Services
Buying and Funding
  Funding Strategy
  Purchasing Advice
Services to Libraries
  Canadian Libraries
  Rural and Small Libraries
Learning Center
  Leading Training 
Community Center
  Library Features 
  Message Board Editor
We invite you to consider participating in the WebJunction community as a
Community Editor! For more details and application information, go to
Joe Anderson
Editor, WebJunction.org
joe_anderson at oclc.org
1100 Dexter Avenue N.
Seattle, WA 98109

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