[WEB4LIB] Looking for a simple text-based freeware Windows HTML Editor

Steven Turner steveua at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 13 10:31:07 EDT 2004

You might want to try TSwebEditor - it's open source,
free (MIT license), and it has complete integration
with a lot of hadny tools and programs. It functions
more like an integrated development environment
(specifically, it looks and acts a lot like the Zend
PHP IDE, which is generally a good thing) - features
(from the website):

    * code completion
    * parameter hint for functions (quickinfo)
    * included help for programming languages
    * search in files
    * columns and row highlight
    * css and metatag assistants
    * bookmark function
    * dos/unix/mac file format (line break)
    * php syntax check and error check
    * html syntax check (with Tidy)
    * code browser
    * ftp edit
      edit files directly on a ftp server
    * project management

For those who do a lot with PHP, the cool thing about
TS is that you can give it the path to the php
executable on your system, and it'll use php as an
integrated sytax checker, and it'll even run your
application to check for basic problems like undefined
variables, etc. It also has syntax highlighting for a
ton of languages, from AWKscript and assembler to XML
and Tcl/Tk....I have the Zend IDE ($250..), and this
free software gets pretty close to its functionality.
If you write html and work with php, it's the absolute
free bomb.

Oh, and it also has great integration with html


Also, editplus rocks as an basic html editor, but it's

--- Edward Spodick <lbspodic at ust.hk> wrote:
> I am seeking recommendations for a simple text-based
> HTML editor to recommend for those of our staff who
> create web pages.  I use BBedit on a Mac, but the
> others all use Windows.
> There are dozens of such programs, so i am asking
> for recommendations.  
> Things I would like in it include:
>     -text-based interface
>     -html syntax coloring (and highlighting of
> errors?)
>     -built-in ftp client to avoid the
> download-edit-upload cycle 
>         (they will be working in a development area)
>     -Unicode (UTF-8) compliance as they will be
> working with both English 
>     	and Chinese
>     -search and replace
>     -able to have multiple files open simultaneously
> Other things which would be nice, but are not
> critical:
>     -built-in link checker
>     -spell checker (for the English parts)
>     -html tidy integration and/or html
> validation/checking
>     -a kitchen sink or two  :)
> If any of you have such a tool you use and love,
> could you kindly drop me a note?  I will summarize
> for the list.
> -Spode
> -- 
> Edward F Spodick, Information Technology Manager
> Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library
> lbspodic at ust.hk  tel:852-2358-6743 fax:852-2358-1043

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