[WEB4LIB] print management software

Tom Klingler tk at kent.edu
Thu Jul 1 22:46:12 EDT 2004

I'm a huge Pharos fan, but I don't think it would be cost effective in a 
setting with only 12 PCs.  We have a large installed base of 52 printers 
serving many hundreds of PCs.  In this environment, Pharos is great for 
us.  We've been running UnipriNT for over 6 years now and love it.  But, 
it is not cheap to get started; you need at least one server;  you need 
MS-SQL server; and you need a significant amount of staff time to do the 
initial config/deploy.  Again, Pharos UnipriNT is great, and I love it, 
but I would not recommend it for such a small installation.  I've been 
so pleased with Pharos that I haven't even looked at other products for 
6 years, so I cannot recommend an alternative.

Tom Klingler
Kent State

Hill, Holly K wrote:

>OK, it's time for another question about print management software. <g> A
>review of the archives shows that Pharos seems to be widely used. How easy
>is it to configure? Most importantly, how much does it cost? I know that it
>will vary, but can anyone give a cost per managed computer? Are there
>alternative software packages? We're a military base library with 12 public
>access computers. With budgets being cut and costs of consumables rising,
>we're looking at alternatives to having lots of printers on the floor. But,
>we're concerned about management of the printer management package <g>. Some
>of our staff aren't that computer savvy.
>Thanks in advance for your help
>Holly Hill
>Barr Library 
>Fort Knox, KY
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