print management software

Hill, Holly K holly.k.hill at
Thu Jul 1 16:00:53 EDT 2004

OK, it's time for another question about print management software. <g> A
review of the archives shows that Pharos seems to be widely used. How easy
is it to configure? Most importantly, how much does it cost? I know that it
will vary, but can anyone give a cost per managed computer? Are there
alternative software packages? We're a military base library with 12 public
access computers. With budgets being cut and costs of consumables rising,
we're looking at alternatives to having lots of printers on the floor. But,
we're concerned about management of the printer management package <g>. Some
of our staff aren't that computer savvy.

Thanks in advance for your help

Holly Hill
Barr Library 
Fort Knox, KY

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