[WEB4LIB] opening pdf files

Tony Lavender tlavender at promediaco.com
Wed Jan 1 10:04:58 EST 2003


They both work for me, but the "Bad" file is 20 times bigger than the "good"
file (428KB rather than 20KB) so I suspect that you have a fairly slow
dial-up connection at home and didn't wait long enough for the "bad" file to

Soemone familiar with Acrobat could certainly reduce the "concert.pdf" file
to a manageable size!

Hope this helps,

Tony Lavender
Promedia Inc

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Each time the library produces a printed newsletter, a pdf version is given
to me and is placed on our web site.  Yesterday I posted 3 pdf files and
didn't test thoroughly before going home.

Today I attempted to view them from home and each of those on both mine and
my husbands computers just hung, never opened.  Does anyone have an idea of
what is wrong?  I telneted to our site and attributes on those files are
the same as on others that work.  Older pdf files on the site load okay.

Bad file example is  http://russelllibrary.org/concert.pdf

Good file example is http://russelllibrary.org/form.pdf

Any input would be appreciated.



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