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Avi Rappoport avi-list at searchtools.com
Tue Nov 12 19:58:06 EST 2002

At 2:14 PM -0800 11/12/02, Shutt, Michelle Miller wrote:
>We are in the middle of a re-design process for our site. One of the things
>we're thinking of adding is a site search engine (currently the site is over
>500 pages). I don't have cgi/perl or other programming experience (except
>some ColdFusion - but that doesn't really count)and I'm looking for a
>product that's Windows-based (since our Web server is a Windows machine),
>somewhat simple to use, and not thousands of dollars. I've been perusing
>http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Web4Lib/RefCenter/lwmrcwebdev.html#ssearch and
>http://www.searchtools.com/ and have realized that there doesn't seem to be
>a lot out there that isn't linux/unix based. At any rate, I've found some
>information about DeepSearch (http://www.namo.com/products/deepsearch/) and
>wonder if anyone here has used it or knows much about it. It seems like this
>might be a good product for us.
>Any other suggestions for site search products also appreciated!

On Windows NT/2000/XP, the search engines dtSearch, Phantom, 
MondoSearch, and ASPSeek are relatively inexpensive and very easy to 
use, and there's a nice free open-source search engine, SWISH-E. 
All of these can handle 500 pages very easily.

All of these are listed on my site, with links from the Windows 
Search Engines page at


I also like some of the search services, such as Atomz, FreeFind, 
PicoSearch, FusionBot, etc.  Please note that with these services, 
you can control how often your site is indexed and how deeply.  If 
you use the Google free site search service, they may not update your 
recent changes for quite a while.

Hope that helps,


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