Access 2002 travel log

Eric Lease Morgan emorgan at
Tue Nov 12 10:48:57 EST 2002

I have documented my experiences at the recent Access 2002 conference that
took place in Windsor, Ontario in the following travel log:

>From the text:

  This text documents my experiences at Access 2002 in
  Windsor, Ontario, October 21-23, 2002. The annual Access
  conference is Canadian in bent and brings together the more
  computer technologically minded people from all types of
  libraries -- academic, public, government, etc.
  This was the third time I've attended an Access conference,
  but the first time I was in Windsor. More hands-on and
  practical, less theoretical and scientific than the last
  conference I attended, the Access conferences have always
  been focused and sans concurrent sessions. This allows
  everybody to see and hear everything. Consequently, by the
  third day themes emerge allowing for lively discussion. The
  themes I heard the most surrounded XML, open source, and
  catalogs & cataloging. I think everybody should attend at
  least once Access conference if it is possible. They provide an
  overview of what is happening in libraries when it comes to
  computer technology.

Eric Lease Morgan
Head, Digital Access and Information Architecture
University Libraries of Notre Dame

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