[WEB4LIB] Amazon.com Associates program

Cristina Barnette cristina at DAYTON.LIB.OH.US
Tue Nov 5 15:11:09 EST 2002

Dear Web4Libbers,

The Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library is considering joining the
Amazon.com Associates program in order to let our users go to Amazon to
order titles that may not be readily available through us. Before doing so,
we would like to know about other libraries' experience in the program.

Has your experience been positive or negative?
Are local bookstores upset or generally accepting of the arrangement?
Are you receiving enough money in return to make the links worthwhile?

Specifically, are any of the public libraries out there experiencing the
following problem mentioned on Amazon.com's website:

"  Yes, we have learned that direct payments from a for-profit enterprise
could interfere with non-profit status. The concern is such that being named
the direct beneficiary of any for-profit operation, they run the risk of
being deemed to be engaged in a for-profit activity. "

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Cristina Barnette
Integrated Systems Specialist
Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library
215 East Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
937-227-9500 x. 237
cristina at dayton.lib.oh.us

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