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Fri May 24 17:25:15 EDT 2002

Our library is investigating the purchase of software that our students
could use to build bibliographies. We would prefer that any such product
(often referred to as "citation builders") be web-based and not require the
user to download anything to run it. Here are the products we know of so

cost: 25 cents per student for a school license
styles supported: MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian

cost: $200 for schools with 1000 or fewer students; $300 for schools with
1000-4000 students; for larger schools, quote needed from sales rep
styles supported: MLA

BibBuilder 1.2
cost: free
styles supported: MLA

Bibliography Builder
cost: free
styles supported: Chicago B, IEEE

Citation Builder
cost: free
styles supported: MLA, APA

Citation Machine
cost: free
styles supported: MLA, APA

UTEL Bibliographer Builder
cost: free
styles supported: MLA

I would appreciate hearing about your school's experience with any of the
products listed above. If you know of any other web-based products, I'd
like to hear about those too.

Please note that we are not interested, at the moment, in products like
EndNote, ReferenceManager, and ProCite that require a software installation
on the part of the user.

Please send messages to me directly and I will summarize to the list.

Thank you.

Alan Bailin
Instructional Design & Support Specialist
Newman Library, Baruch College
alan_bailin at

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