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Leo Robert Klein leo at leoklein.com
Tue Jun 4 10:51:21 EDT 2002

At 07:35 AM 6/4/2002 -0700, tdowling wrote:

 > And yet, mind-bogglingly*, the percentage of libraries running their web
 > sites on Win32/IIS continues to climb.  From the most recent Libweb crawl:

<snip -- some stats, numbers...>

 > IMO, that's 2563 libraries that either make bad decisions or allow bad
 > decisions to be made for them.  (Then there's the 68 libraries still
 > running CERN or NCSA servers, who don't make decisions at all.)

"Mind-bogglingly" isn't the right word.  You have to remember that a lot of 
these people are running systems that already incorporate Microsoft 
products -- in particular for their networks.  The infrastructure is in 
place then for running IIS.  When I first came to this library, hell if I 
was going to tell the systems people here what web server to run.  First, 
they wouldn't have listened to me -- good sense that -- second, they were 
the ones ultimately responsible for running the thing -- security bugs and 
all.  I'm sure if they run the thing correctly, they'll manage to avoid 
most of the bugs.


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