[WEB4LIB] RE: FBI to monitor libraries

Dan Lester dan at riverofdata.com
Mon Jun 3 14:12:55 EDT 2002

Monday, June 3, 2002, 8:20:30 AM, you wrote:

AIM> We don't allow postal employees to open our mail, even though the building
AIM> and facilities are all "owned" by the government and government employees
AIM> process and deliver the mail. Why should someone's personal e-mail or
AIM> other activities on the Internet be subject to government snooping?

Remember, your email is subject to snooping by vast numbers of people,
and not just government folks.  Why should my ISP be able to read my
email and not the FBI?  I'm not suggesting my ISP DOES read it, but if
they do, big deal.  If they do, they're way overstaffed.

People also worry that somehow "the government" is going to read all
of everybody's email and do all sorts of nasty things to them.  Even
"the government" can't possibly read all of everybody's email.  That
is like worrying that "the police" are going to stake out your house
and keep track of what you do on the off chance you're engaging in
some nefarious activity.  If they get solid tips you're a drug dealer,
even if you're not, then they may check you out.  Such is life. The
same is true of email or anything else.

AIM> Just
AIM> because you can technically look at someone's information, doesn't mean
AIM> you should.

No argument.  But remember what was said above...that just because
they CAN, that doesn't mean they WILL.



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