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Avi Rappoport avi-list at searchtools.com
Mon Jun 3 12:37:25 EDT 2002

At 6:21 AM -0700 6/3/02, Donna Winter wrote:
>  >
>>  Along similar lines --
>>  Most librarians I know and I have been working with them for many 
>>years are extremely fine people --
>>  Why they and/or the profession would be so set on providing a safe 
>>haven for illegal activity totally eludes me.
>>  (Just my .02 -- don't bother flaming me  - because you won't 
>>change my mind any more than I will yours.)
>Hear, Hear! If you've got nothing to hide, who cares what you read/look at
>on the internet. It's been really bugging me that so many people on this
>list are bent on protecting the rights of suspected criminals and nobody
>has spoken up on the opposite side.

History shows us that tyrants and dictators use this excuse to 
suppress all dissent.  The writers of the US Constitution experienced 
that themselves, which is why it protects the guilty as well as the 
innocent.  As recently as the 60s, the US government abused its power 
terribly, not just spying on the anti-war and civil-rights movements, 
but destroying lives and careers of people they thought were 
criminals.  I personally know a retired professor who was scared to 
admit (in 1992) that he had been a Communist, because he was worried 
that "they" would take away his pension.

Absolute power encourages corruption, checks and balances encourage freedom.


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